As part of the allocation of quotas for free education in Russian high schools, the Russian Embassy in Sweden accepts preliminary applications for the academic year 2020/2021. Information about the number of such applications is taken into account by «Rossotrudnichestvo» and Тhe Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation during they form a quota fund for each individual country. It increases the chances of candidates to receive them. Submission of preliminary applications is not a mandatory procedure, the information is advisory! The main condition for participation in the competition is registration on the «RussiaStudy» portal and the correct filling of the application form before the start of the selection tests!

The text of the preliminary application is sent to the email address of the Embassy - It is necessary to indicate the name and surname of the candidate, the specialty code, the planned year of admission, and also make a link to the «RussiaStudy» portal.

Name and surname:
Specialty Code:
Year of receipt:

Preliminary applications are accepted until 10.10.2019.

For the subsequent passage of all selection stages, you should additionally register on the «RussiaStudy» website (for the academic year 2020/2021), fill out an electronic application form on the portal, attach the necessary electronic copies of documents to it and track the status of your account, as well availability of comments from the administrators of the portal and the Embassy (relevant notifications of all changes will be automatically sent to your email address). The website «RussiaStudy» contains detailed information about the procedure for obtaining quotas, about Russian high schools and the educational programs they offer.