In order to improve the quality of visa application service, the Embassy of Russia in Stockholm suggests all issues be taken with Russian Visa Center located at Klara Östra kyrkogata 2A, Stockholm. Should you have any questions, you may reach the visa center via phone: +46842845560, e-mail, or using the homepage

The visa centre’s primary goal is to allow for an easier and faster way of applying for a visa to Russia. Visa officers can provide all the necessary information regarding specific regulations that apply when submitting a visa application as well as when staying in Russia. Also, the staff will ensure all the papers are in good order before you submit them. When contacting the Consular Department on issues such as document submission or passport issue, the staff will act in good faith to represent all applicants.

The right to take final decision on granting or denying a visa resides solely with the Consular Department of the Embassy of Russia in Sweden.

Submission of a visa application can also be done directly at the Embassy, prior to which the applicant must make an appointment at the Embassy’s homepage:

In order to avoid potential fraud, the Consular Department accepts applications provided that the information the applicant provided when making an appointment is accurate. Should it turn out the information provided does not correspond to the information stated on the papers the applicant intend to submit, the Consular Department reserves the right to reject the applicant’s papers. In case the applicant has booked one appointment, only one application will be allowed to be submitted.